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Welcome to Lennep Media. We produce and distribute meaningful and fun entertainment content for children and their families. From producing original Indian to distributing popular Dutch content, from episodic television shows to children's features, Lennep Media is poised to create impactful media experiences for the growing market of young audiences in India.

Lennep Media is an initiative of Van Lennep Producties, a known name in Dutch television entertainment.

  • Lineage
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  1. Leveraging our Rich Legacy Lennep Media is backed by 60 years of international production experience. Van Lennep Producties, our parent company based in The Netherlands, was founded by Gerard van Lennep, a renowned entertainment entrepreneur known for his unorthodox and innovative approach towards the business of entertainment. For over six decades, the company driven by his creative vision and passion has become a pre-eminent name in Dutch Television.

    In The Netherlands, creating content for children is considered just as important as creating content for adults. Dutch children’s cinema and television has received worldwide acclaim and we are proud to bring this heritage to India.

  2. Bringing Variety and Excellence to Family Programming We are committed to bringing variety and excellence to children’s genre in India through our original Indian productions as well as adaptations and distribution of the best of Dutch children’s content.

    The power of storytelling is at the core of all our content. We believe in promoting content that encourages children's curiosity, creativity and compassion; that stimulates their emotional and intellectual growth; is fun and meaningful and can be enjoyed both by the young and their families.

  3. Utilising Exceptional Artistic Talent & Creating Unique Partnerships We bring together the creative and intellectual energies of exceptional writers, directors & visualisers to enrich the artistic value of each production and we leverage strong national and transnational Private, Govt. and Non-Govt. partnerships to promote highly entertaining, socially relevant and commercially viable children’s content in India and South Asia.


Lennep Kids' Film Fest

Lennep Kids’ Film Fest (LKFF) is proud to bring the best of Dutch documentary, live action and animation shorts for Mumbai children in its pilot edition in the city. LKFF is organised by Lennep Media and Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) in association with Cinekid, Amsterdam and the Consulate of The Netherlands, Mumbai.

The first edition of LKFF begins on 15th January 2014, reaching 12000 students in 15 schools across Mumbai. The festival will feature film screenings and post screening discussions led by educators, encouraging children to watch, discuss and learn from high quality content created exclusively for them. Another special feature of the festival is a film making workshop for children, enabling children to make their very own film.


2 Brothers (2 Broers)
Director: Hilt Lochten
Duration: 15 mins

Rino is eleven years old and loves to be in the water, while his 9 year old brother Nik is confined to a wheelchair and cannot walk. But they love to spend time with each other and search for different ways of playing together. Will this special brotherhood and deep love for each other last as they grow up?

Absolutely Afro (Kroeskop)
Director: Dorothée van den Berghe
Duration: 10 mins

On the threshold of high school, twelve-year-old Hanneke, does not wish to stand apart from all the girls who look alike with their long blond ponytails. Hanneke decides to get rid of her frizzy Afro hairdo but everything she tries fails. Fortunately, she realizes just in time that her afro belongs to her and is something to be proud of.

Flying Anne (Anne Vliegt )
Director: Catherine van Campen
Duration: 21 mins

Beautiful Anne suffers from Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome. This makes her body do things she doesn’t want, like suddenly spinning around or licking everything. Sometimes she finds it hard to cope with her ‘tics’, especially in school. She’s afraid that others will bully her or laugh at her. She prefers ‘flying’ through life. When flying, she’s at her best.

Happy Camper
Director: Job, Joris & Marieke
Duration: 3 mins

Manfred’s holiday leads to a series of awkward camping moments, but that doesn’t spoil the fun, because Manfred is a Happy Camper.

How Hormones Changed My Life (Hoe hormonen mijn leven veranderden)
Director: Wilma Ligthart
Duration: 17 mins

Fourteen-year-old Tanvi loves Bollywood and her biggest wish is to play a part in a movie with the famous Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan. He is the ideal man, and the man Tanvi marries, has to be like him. But the most important question for her is, can she make her own choice and marry the boy she loves? Or will there be an arranged marriage for her?

I'm Never Afraid (Ik ben echt niet bang)
Director: Willem Baptist
Duration: 19 mins

Eight-year-old Mack was born with a heart defect. Doctors thought that he would die. But is he scared? No way! This tough little guy is a successful Motocross rider and his room is filled with all his motocross trophies.

Director: Wouter Bongaerts
Duration: 8 mins

Seven-year-old Mia tries to liberate her overworked mother from the grasp of an overpopulated metropolis. In her quest, she unlocks the hidden secrets that make the world turn.

Mina Moes
Director: Mirjam de With
Duration: 15 mins

Stubborn little Mina is crazy about Minnie Mouse. She puts on her black ears to school everyday. Her mother and teacher want her to act normal, and think she should dress the same as the other children. Despite the opposition she faces from the people around her, Mina courageously follows her plan to be who she wants to be.

Director: Job, Joris & Marieke
Duration: 2 mins

Pelle, a funny guy with a pill shaped body loses himself in a black room. When he runs into his mirror image, it seems to live its own life. This film is based on Mark Boog's poem Ik.

My Crazy Granny! (Oma is gek!)
Director: Simone van Dusseldorp
Duration: 15 mins

Saäda, is thrilled that her grandma from Suriname is moving to Holland, only weeks before her birthday. But due to her dementia grandma seems to be confused, making Saäda think her granny is crazy! What if you‘re just getting to know the best granny in the world, only to start losing her again right away?

Sally the Dog
Director: Willem Lagerwaard
Duration: 2 mins

Sally is a golden retriever who lives on a farm. When it starts raining, lightening and thundering all the animals are really scared. But Sally is not. Can she help the animals?

Director: Arthur van Merwijk
Duration: 3 mins

An old couple takes a walk out in the countryside. The clearing in the woods is ideal for taking pictures. But where are all the animals?

Olaf, Happy Little Canon (Olaf, vrolijk klein kanonnetje)
Director: Bastiaan Hooimeijer
Duration: 10 mins

Olaf, the cannon, thoroughly enjoys his safe life until on his fourteenth birthday he is confronted with the destructive side of his life as a cannon. He wouldn’t like to be dangerous, so he sets out into the world to seek a solution to this ‘devastating’ problem.

Pecker (Pik)
Director: Erik van Schaaik
Duration: 3 mins

In a barren landscape, a bird hatches from its egg. To keep off the torrid ground, it hops onto an ox, also newly born. The bird pecks, the Ox objects. But without the pecking, life becomes very complex. What will the Ox do: Can’t live with, can’t live without!

Taking the Plunge
Director: Michiel Brongers
Duration: 16 mins

Kaleigh can’t swim and this is particularly embarrassing as she is ten-years-old and still has to wear childish orange lifebelts around her arms. But now she is determined to learn. She will swim through this big hole in the deep water and get her swimming certificate!

The Hideout (Achter de Toren)
Director: Astrid Bussink
Duration: 15 mins

Every summer, four bosom friends from Zeeland village, invariably play on the beach and watch tourists pour into their village from behind the watchtower, where the outside world starts. Will this be the last summer holiday for the foursome? Will their companionship change, now that the two older boys will go to another school?

The Monstrous Toilet (Monsterlijk toilet)
Director: Simone van Dusseldorp
Duration: 10 mins

On the threshold of high school, twelve-year-old Hanneke, does not wish to stand apart from all the girls who look alike with their long blond ponytails. Hanneke decides to get rid of her frizzy Afro hairdo but everything she tries fails. Fortunately, she realizes just in time that her afro belongs to her and is something to be proud of.

Director: Erik van Schaaik
Duration: 5 mins

A man struggles against the storm. Suddenly he discovers that not everybody is affected by the wind.

Wet (Nat)
Director: Remy van Heugten
Duration: 10 mins

Marvin goes to a school camp but he is terrified because he still wets his bed. When his mother drops him off, he quickly hides the plastic pants she gave him. He decides to keep the explanatory note to the teacher in his pocket as well, because he sees that other children with notes are ruthlessly jeered. Will he keep things dry?


LKFF Film Making Workshop

17 children participated in a seven day film making workshop conducted by Dreaming Child Productions at Utpal Shanghvi School. The film made by children, will be screened at the Opening Ceremony of MIFF.


We distribute successful Dutch children’s content in India including animation, IP licenses, and adaptations of live action fiction and non-fiction formats. We also seek international markets for our original Indian features and episodic content.

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